Installing Drozer on macOS Catalina

In general, I don’t use Drozer. And using this tool on macOS is unusual for me. If I do some “pentest things” I just take my Kali Linux with pre-installed Drozer and use it there. But the day has come, and I decided to install Drozer on my macOS. It was a real hell =)

I spent a lot of time trying to make it work. Eventually, I had to rewrite a piece of class loader script… A living hell! When everything started working right, I came up with a better way of installing Drozer on macOS and removed all this stuff . In fact, there are two good ways to do it. The Docker-way and the following one

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Android Context

I’ve come across an interesting article and want to share you my notes based on it. I made these notes as the mind map.


Original article: Mastering Android context
XMind file: Download

Elemental Design Patterns (book). My review and notes.

Recently, I read this book and want to share my thoughts about it with you.

If you already know about GoF and their Design Patterns then the book will be a godsend for you. The author (and his team) did a great job to spread out GoF’s patterns into tiny, elemental patterns and to present the result to us. Why is it significant? It helps to understand the “big patterns” better and even build your own patterns.

To tell the truth, the first half of the book seemed to me very boring. A lot of reasoning about “the meaning of life” and etc. I even wanted to stop reading it. Then I understood what this book is really about and read it from cover to cover.

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